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Our Mission

Our mission is not to generate conditions for mere survival. Instead, we aim to create an environment conducive to both the somatic and psychological development of the individual.


Beginning with a nascent idea of ensuring justice - social and economical to the most marginalised sections of the society, Plassey Bhagat Singh Youth Forum began its eventful and adventurous journey in 2006.

Situated at Mill Plassey Tejnagar, Nadia district, West Bengal, PBSYF aims to eradicate the gigantic gap between the haves- nots and the haves by ensuring an equitable distribution of resources and a decent standard of living.

Services We Render

Building the Foundation of our Country's Edifice - Childcare

According to the United Nations Population Fund reports, India has the youngest population in the world and will continue to have this advantage till 2030.

However, it is pretty disheartening that most of India's youth potential is laid to waste due to extreme poverty and lack of proper childcare. In this tragic scenario, PBSYF tries to provide its consequential services like child care centers, free academic coaching, and other services for ensuring proper bodily development.

Embracing the hitherto excluded - Women and the elderly

Our vision of extirpating inequality and injustice from society cannot materialize without catering to the needs, priorities and concerns of;

Women constituting almost half of our country's population.

The elderly - playing a significant role despite their physical limitations by providing the much-required guidance and values to our social edifice.

No development or innovation is feasible without their active participation. Therefore, PBSYF aims to generate a suitable environment to ensure that their voices are patently heard and clearly represented.

Securing Economic Justice - Distribution and Self Employment

According to a report of MyGov, only 2 per cent of India's workforce is skilled compared to 45 per cent in China, 96 per cent in South Korea, 74 per cent in Germany and 50-55 per cent in the United States.

This is a very appalling situation as India has the youngest population among these countries and, therefore, the largest workforce. However, optimal utilization of this workforce is being thwarted by the bane of poverty and deprivation.

Amidst this egregious situation, the primary motto of PBSYF is to secure an equitable distribution of resources and skills with suitable conditions for self-employment. An upliftment in the economic status of the individuals is regarded as a precursor of their social elevation.

Values We Revere

Accountability and transparency are the two values we revere the most in the discharge of our responsibilities. Our result-oriented approach, accompanied by a transpicuous operating style, implies that we take responsibility for each penny you contribute to our organisation. So, join us in this noble cause of paving the path for people living in the ravages of margins to mainstream security.

Our Modus Operandi - See for yourself!

At PBSYF, we directly reach the people we intend to serve and seek their active participation. Our mission is not merely to uplift the deprived but also to empower them to work for their own development. Some of the major causes we serve include:

  • Empowering the Women: At PBSYF, we recognise women's significant role in driving the nation forward. Accordingly, it tries to generate a conducive environment for their all-round development and acquiring control over their own lives.
  • Free Education: PBSYF is very much aware of the immeasurable potential of the youth in India and their tragic wastage due to lack of skill. Keeping this scenario in mind, we provide free academic coaching classes to the children to encourage their varied capabilities.
  • Organizing Medical Camps: There can be no talk of development without a healthy workforce. Unfortunately, a large section of our country's population is deprived of access to proper health care. Consequently, a large segment of our country's human resources is being laid to waste.Given this situation, PBSYF organises frequent medical camps to bring primary health care to the deprived sections' doorstep.
  • Generating conditions for Self-employment: Making people self-dependent is one of the primary goals of PBSYF. Accordingly, we support people to become their own master by enabling them to provide their services as independent contractors in different micro-jobs.



Regd. Address : Tejnagar, PO- Plassey Sugar Mill, Nadia, West Bengal, 741157
Call: +91 97-344-89616

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